This legendary store is a collector's paradise. With the millions of records in their revolving stock - from hip hop to be bop, from techno to classical - this spot's got something for everyone. If you're patient enough, you can pick up all the bomb shit for under $1, especially because stuff is often mispriced.   www.amoebamusic.com

Just like the SF location, the OG Berkeley spot has a plethora of goodies to be picked up. While the Hip Hop section is good at the SF location, Berkeley is considered by some to have a much better selection.   www.amoebamusic.com

After grinding some fries at Fritz down the block, drop into BPM to listen to the latest house & techno records from local DJ's and artists around the world. Service is friendly and helpful. If you're cool, Victor who owns the spot might even shlep you a cold one.   www.bpmsf.net

Hit this spot up if you're looking for a good selection of Jazz on wax.    

Run by DJ Riddm, Funky Riddms Records offers an impressive mix of Hip Hop , Funk, and Reggae records. Tucked away on Bowditch, this independent shop is a good escape from the Telegraph crowd and gives you some freedom to shop and listen to records in peace.   www.funkyriddms.com

Specializing in hard to find records, the Funky Soul Stop is a haven for vintage funk and soul on wax.    

Groove Merchant has been around longer than I can remember. Of course I can't remember any details from earlier today, so that's not saying much, but this spot has got it together. Go there to get all the new shit. Owner Chris Veltri is mad cool and knows his records.   www.fogworld.com/gm

A good selection of Jazz and Soul put this spot on our hit list.    

This is the place to go to find the best house music in the city. Between Leonard, Naz, and the rest of the crew, they know just about every record you're looking for. Just don't try to sing it, cause you'll sound hella stupid. The downside is that it can be hard to find street parking so you may have to shell out some bones for the 5th Street garage.    

I'd been looking for the 'Good Morning Vietnam' soundtrack for years...nah, I don't know about years, but a long time. When I walked in to this dusty spot, low and behold, there it was.    

A good spot for many genres of music, you can walk away with Nirvana's 'Unplugged' and Del's 'Eye Examination' in the same bundle. They have listening stations, their staff has a wide range of music knowledge, and the prices are reasonable (except the $100 MC Hammer Album).   www.openmindmusic.com

Solid finds are yours to be had if you're down to spend a few hours diggin. Too Short's first classic ass album, Born To Mack, was spotted here last year, still sealed. I met this freak, her names' Yolanda...   www.rasputinmusic.com

This longtime Alameda shop made my month the first time I stumbled upon it. After flipping through the Jazz, Soul, and Hip Hop sections I brought some serious treats home. But I haven't found much since that day. Nevertheless, the owners are real cool, the prices are solid, and the vibe is right. Did I mention that Jim Morrison used to hang out here when he was a youngster?    

Hit up Recycled if you're looking for some old treats.    

7" up the arse and a classic SF vintage feel.    

I've never walked away with a memorable find at Streetlight, but I always enjoy cruising in and checking out their plentiful selection of vinyl. The neighborhood is pretty much yups and you can feel the cultural void as you walk down the block, so that sucks. But they're down with vinyl, so cruise in next time you're in the area and judge for yourself.   www.streetlightrecords.com

It's so underground, it's hard to find. I've been there hell of times, and I still walk by it on occasion. Of course, that's only to get a sausage at Rosamunde. This spot has been established in the house music scene for years, but the Hip Hop section, despite some choice cuts, is overpriced.    

You could spend hours down in this dank, musky cellar and still not see half the records, stacked behind records, on top of records, on top of more records. They also sell instruments, music collectibles, and used turntables.